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A Healthy body, A Balanced body, Therefore A Beautiful body

The beautiful lines and curves of my body
Details of Banobagi’s Body surgery procedures


Body Surgery, Banobagi’s Surgical Methods

Outstanding equipment,
Exceptional specialists.

No matter how up to date and modern the equipment is, the desired results cannot be achieved and made unless such equipment is used by a qualified specialist. The most important consideration in body surgery is ‘the understanding of the balance of the body’and the ‘expert skills of the surgeon’ through years of experience. The Banobagi body surgery team has been perfecting, improving upon and gaining a wider range of experience since its opening in 2000. Banobagi takes pride in the pursuit of your transformation into having a beautiful and balanced body through the combination of exceptional equipment and the expertise of our outstanding specialists.

Body Surgery
Banobagi has
the answer!

Our efforts to create
a more beautiful and balanced body.

The procedures for improvement of the body’s shape should be applied to individuals differently and each of their esthetic standards. Thus, Banobagi specializes in various techniques and skills such as liposuction, silicone implants, fat management for each part of the body, body lifting and so on. The scientific analysis of the body through detailed consultations, our body shape analyzer, and customized treatment from our specialists is the reason that Banobagi achieves results effectively.

Pre and Post-op Check
Pre and Post-op Check

Body composition, body balance, and skeletal muscle-fat analysis, diagnosis of obesity, use of the edema index, visceral fat and growth curve, basal metabolism, lifestyle assessment

Body improvement programs
Body improvement programs

Implant insertion, obesity treatment for everyday life, body lifting

Body surgery, Banobagi is progressing ahead of the competition

An effective method of removing
larger volumes of fat with liposuction.

Often, the removal of larger amounts of fat through liposuction is not recommended to be done all at once because the body and the health of the patient can suddenly change and cause the condition of the body to deteriorate. And so, the conventional removal of large amounts of fat by liposuction has had to be done over a series of procedures and often several visits which is not effective in terms of time or results. However, Banobagi’s experts are able to remove larger volumes of fat through liposuction all at once, Banobagi’s experts are able to remove larger volumes of fat through liposuction all at once,

Body surgery,
Banobagi manages
your resultsfor a long time

Banobagi strives to maintain results and
keep a beautiful body for a long time

Patients who have had liposuction or have undergone a body surgery are often worried that they might later gain weight again or lose body elasticity after the procedure. It is very important to manage your body and lifestyle well after having a body surgery procedure. Therefore, Banobagi provides post-operative treatments such as diet management programs and non-surgical obesity treatment programs to maintain your body shape and your desired results for a long time. Keeping your body slim and healthy is never easy, but Banobagi will be your support and assist you!

Body Surgery,
Banobagi is detailed

A management system to minimize scaring,
the ‘Healing Scar Project

Losing confidence due to the scarring after a procedure can sometimes be difficult to cope with, even if you are satisfied with the results of the changes to your body. The appearance of scars after surgery is not inevitable. Scar treatment is also a major part of body surgery. Banobagi has created and developed the ‘Healing scar project’ for all types of scars such as red scars, hollowed scars, and convex scars can be treated to turn them back into original smooth skin and not be noticed again.