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A big decision for the turning point in your life

# Whole body liposuction

Improvement of the body line all at once

01 We provide sincere help with
worries and anxieties

  • Obesity should be treated. Obesity is difficult to overcome by only the efforts of the individual affected and most often professional help is needed from a specialist and medical team in order to treat it. Banobagi has been performing liposuction for more than 19 years and we have seen many obese patients over that period of time. We understand the huge efforts of patients before visiting our clinic and make decision to have a surgical procedure. Therefore, upon consultation we provide patients with a more in-depth analysis based on the patient’s current body shape and take a closer look at the individual’s life style patterns.

    Banobagi’s procedure of removing large volumes of fat by liposuction is not only done for the purpose of creating a more slender body shape, but provides a motivational change that can have huge impacts on the quality of their life. Even after surgery, we continuously info-button Follow-up Follow-up System
    It is Banobagi’s sincerity to support in various ways if there is no change in size after 6 months of surgery.
    to carefully monitor and manage any changes in the patient’s body.

  • 02 Whole body liposuction, procedures should be done all at once


    The reason why we recommend whole body liposuction is because of body balance. If surgery is divided into multiple operations and visits, often, the second and third procedures may result in a lack of precision and quality, lower patient satisfaction due to the swelling that remained from the previous procedure and not giving body enough time to properly heal.

    Very few hospitals are able to adequately perform
    whole body liposuction surgery
    in one procedure or in just one day.

    This is because surgery to remove as much as 8,000 to 10,000cc of body fat at one time would result in lowering and degrading the patient’s physical condition. Sudden changes in the body, such as to electrolytes and the blood, can adversely affect or have a negative impact on the body. However, this depends entirely on the surgeon's experience, knowledge and ability.

    The experts and doctors on Banobagi’s body surgery team are different, in that, whole body liposuction procedures can be performed at once and over the period of only a day. With a long history of experience, skills and know-how, we minimize bleeding and to remove large amounts of fat at once. In addition, Banobagi’s expert anesthesiologists are able to carefully monitor and control the patient's condition during surgery because of their years of experience and expertise with us. In fact, Banobagi has been performing whole body liposuction procedures for many years without incident and has been accident-free.

    How much thickness is reduced
    after liposuction ?

    Abdomen 8~15cm    /   thigh 5~10cm   
    /   arm 4~8cm

    ※ Results may vary from individual to individual.

  • 03 The harmony between
    science, medicine,
    and aesthetics

    The technique of dissolving and extracting fat through liposuction procedures is a part of science. Performing surgery with the proper use of high quality equipment can help reduce surgical errors and result in more effective operations and procedures for patients.

    Next, minimizing tissue damage or injury during surgery is related to areas of medicine.
    Surgery that is performed by an experienced medical team can reduce any amount of bleeding during medical procedures and also minimize tissue damage.

    The final step is in the area of aesthetics, which focuses on creating beautiful body lines, delicate curves. Based on our long-term research about body balance and the understanding anxieties, we have developed a customized system which contributes to high satisfaction from our patients with the liposuction performed at Banobagi.

  • Accusculpt
    laser liposuction

  • Plasma
    laser liposuction

  • Body tight

  • Erchonia
    laser liposuction

  • L-Pal

  • PAL
    (Power Assisted Lipoplasty)

  • Tumescent

  • 04 Banobagi is
    in safety

    When liposuction is performed in a localized area, sleeping sedation is often used. However, during whole body liposuction procedures, the patient must be put under general anesthesia. The reason being that, this type of procedure is done on many areas of the patients’ body and in order to remove large amounts of fat all at once. Thus, whole body liposuction procedures done under general anesthesia typically provide the patient with a less painful experience.
    Banobagi’s team of anesthesiologists reside in the hospital and are
    responsible for the safety of our patients during surgery.

    Therefore, we provide our patients with the best conditions in order to achieve the best and most positive results.

Surgery Information

  • Operation Time

    About 4 hr. ~ 5 hr.

  • Anesthesia

    General Anesthesia

  • Stitch Removal

    About 1 day

  • Hospitalization

    About 1 day

  • Follow-up

    1~2 times of Massage, Swelling, Bruising treatment

  • Recovery

    Resume daily routine in 3~5 days
    Recommended to avoid an intense activity for about 1 month

Post-op Pain Level
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  10. square

Since the procedure is performed under general anesthesia, there is no pain during the surgery.
You may experience discomfort with the feeling of swelling, but it will gradually relieve itself and subside over time. The ice packs provided by Banobagi will help to soothe the pain and swelling.
Because it is an operation performed on areas across the whole body, you may experience discomfort or slight pain in your daily life approximately 2~3 days after the operation.
We help to gradually relieve overall bruising and pain through our post-operative management programs.

* Consensus based on the actual patients’ response to questionnaire.

* Not a strict standard, and patients’ experiences may differ.

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4 Months After
4 Months After
6 Months After
2 Months After
2 Months After
3 Months After

※ This image may look different from the real look depending on the shooting conditions, and was posted under the agreement of patient himself/herself