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The details of Banobagi’s Breast surgery procedures


Breast Surgery,
Banobagi’s Surgical Method

Surgery that the patient understands and is satisfied with

The decision to undergo breast surgery includes a lot of factors to consider, such as the size and the shape of the breast with sensitivity and sensation, lifestyle, health conditions and the natural fit of the implant can affect your desired results. Therefore, it is important to understand these factors in order to achieve the best results. Through detailed consultations with our experts, Banobagi assists patients in better understanding and encourage to actively being involved in the planning of your ultimate goal. Thus, the result is more rewarding and satisfying because, together, we pursue the ideal outcome with the same understanding.

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Breast Consultation.
  • - Location of incision
  • - shape
  • - touch
  • - selection of implant
Implants Manufacturer

Various implant choices from manufacturers and Banaobagi


Breast surgery,
Banobagi is ahead of the times

Trend leaders with Banobagi’s breast surgery

Various implants are being developed and released for safer, more natural, and beautiful results of breast surgery. It is most important to understand each one of their benefits and characteristics and take into consideration what is best for you and your desired results. Since Banobagi’s opening in 2000, Banobagi has been using most of the latest breast implants and has devised beneficial surgical method for each one. With the rapid application of advanced technologies, it is the secret know-how and expertise of Banobagi’s experts in breast surgery procedures that achieves the highest satisfaction from our patients

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Breast surgery, Banobagi is Responsible

A Medical system that considers the health of the breast

It is the important responsibility to always fully consider a patient’s health. Thus, the entire process of breast surgery in Banobagi does not end up with only a one-time surgical procedure. We actively follow up with patients to provide precise breast screening through the use of our specialized equipment and, if needed, tumor removal procedures are also available. Banobagi’s breast surgery specialists are responsible for your personalized comprehensive screening and procedures, post-operative care, and regular check-ups for recovery and treatment.

Banobagi Breast Care System
  • Breast diagnosis
  • Medical examination
  • Operation
  • Post-operative care
  • Regular check-up
Banobagi Breast Care System
  • Breast diagnosis
  • Medical examination
  • Operation
  • Post-operative care
  • Regular check-up
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Breast Surgery, Banobagi reduces operation time

The shorter the time spent in operation, the better results from breast surgery

The shorter duration of the operation procedure reduces the chance of contamination of the breast implant. It also lowers the possibility of surgical inflammation and capsular contracture after surgery. Therefore, we aim to keep the operation time to about 30minutes. The Banobagi breast surgery team’s experience and skill gained over many years, expertise and technology to provide the safest conditions during surgery, and as a result, there is often no need to, for example, use a blood bag after surgery and it is possible to be discharged on the day of your procedure.

Breast Surgery, Banobagi is detailed

The ‘Healing Scar Project’
to support women during their transformation

The appearance of scars from surgery is not inevitable. Scar treatment is a major part of breast surgery and recovery. Based on this truth, Banobagi has created and developed the ‘Healing Scar Project’. All types of scars such as red scars, hollowed scars, and convex scars can be healthily treated to turn them back into original smooth skin and not be noticed again.