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# Breast Augmentation

Confidence from natural results

01 Questions must be relentlessly asked, and connections must be made

Going through a breast augmentation involves making many decisions: from different types of implants to the surgical techniques that vary depending on the individual body, the procedure presents an unexpectedly large number of choices to be made. This sometimes results in hastily made decisions:

uninformed and entirely depending on the clinic’s decisions. However, breast augmentation is a procedure in which every decision made during the preparations carry grave implications. Therefore, both the patient and the surgeon must be relentless: we believe that decisions made after more questions and deliberation yield better results. To assist in this endeavor, BANOBAGI engages in a detailed diagnosis of the patient’s conditions, shares data on various implants, and explains the pros and the cons of each surgical methods. Above everything, we carefully listen to the patient: their goals and preferences in breast size/shape. A natural-looking and satisfying breast augmentation is only possible through such process.

02 We do not recommend the
best implants we recommend the most appropriate implants

The implant is an integral element of breast augmentation, and therefore it is necessary to choose the correct implant—both medically and aesthetically—to achieve the desired outcome. The problem lies in that the implants have varying characteristics, and the individual breast shapes vary by miles as well. This makes it impossible to simply recommend a product as “the best” implant.

For a more satisfying result, the clinic must deal in a wide range of implants and be able to offer a range of options as well. It is further important to consult with a specialist who has extensive knowledge in each implant.

The heart of BANOBAGI breast augmentation

Types of implants
Selection by inner material
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    Cohesive gel

    Cohesive gel implants have replaced the saline solution implants, and now is the most commonly used implant in Korea. Its high cohesiveness prevents in-body dispersal if damaging occurs after surgery. It is FDA and KFDA approved, and its many advantages, such as pleasing texture and natural shape, makes it available to use in most common cases.

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    Saline solution

    Widely used in the past, this implant is filled with saline solution: its ability to readily adjust the size of the breast by controlling the amount of the solution makes it easier for the surgeon to balance the breasts, but it is less soft to touch.

Selection by surface texture
  • Smooth type

    Its soft and smooth surface makes it easier to place during surgery, and it allows for a smaller incision, resulting in less scarring. However, it carries a risk of capsular contracture and therefore requires proper care following the procedure.

  • Textured type

    Textured implants have uneven surface. Following the surgery, the breast tissue secures themselves onto the rugged surface, preventing capsular contracture and giving the breast a more softer feeling.

  • Microtextured type

    Microtextured implants retain the advantages of both the smooth type and the textured type. Smaller irregularities on the more biofriendly surface lessens the risk of various side effects including capsular contracture, and the implant’s easier placement makes it available for those with narrower chest cavity.

  • Silky-textured type

    Silky-textured implants have uneven surface. Following the surgery, the breast tissue secures themselves onto the rugged surface, preventing capsular contracture and giving the breast a more softer feeling.

  • Micro polyurethane type

    Micro polyurethane implants distinguish itself from existing varieties with its specially-treated polyurethane surface that has micro-sized holes. Same as how the texture-type implants work, the breast tissue grows into the surface of the implant, greatly reducing the chance of capsular contracture and giving the implant very little room for unwanted movement or rotation. Recovery is fast with these implants, and both the movement and the feeling are more natural.

Selection by shape
  • Round type

    Round type

    The most common shape of an implant: a hemisphere. Because the shape peaks at its center, its advantage is that it enhances both the lower and the upper parts of the breast. In addition, the gravity pulls down the implant when held upright, resulting in a comparatively natural breast when viewed from the side.

  • Anatomical (or “teardrop”) type

    Anatomical (or “teardrop”) type

    The anatomical implants are designed to take the shape of the ideal breast-form: the “teardrop” shape is the most common. Its aesthetics is the advantage, but the shape may seem unnatural depending on the posture. Furthermore, if the implant is not securely set following the procedure, the implant may rotate and require a second procedure.

03 The surgical technique
is no less important
than the implant

The results of breast augmentation vary by the patients’ desired outcome and their bodily structure. Different surgical techniques accompany different entry point for the implants and varying scarring location. Therefore, it is prudent for the patients to understand the techniques as much as the implants.

Implant placement
Methods of incision
  • Armpit incision

    Armpit incision effectively hides the scarring, reduces the damage to the veins and the nerves, and comes with little risk of infection or loss of areolar sensation. Its short procedure time makes the recovery relatively faster as well.

  • Under-the-breast incision

    This is especially advantageous for constructing an appealing shape, in addition to its minimal pain level and swift recovery. In the past, it was avoided due to the scarring, even though the scarred tissue can be hided underneath the breast; but recent development in scarring care has made this method popular.

  • Areolar incision

    Because the incision is made in the center of the pocket into which the implant goes, the surgeon has a better view of the procedure and easier access: making it an easy operation. It has been concluded that the incision has virtually no effect on breastfeeding or pregnancy, and has many advantages: such as being able to correct a sagging breast in addition to the enhancement, and having a little risk of unbalanced results.

04 It is the clinic’s duty to assure
the patient’s safety and wellness

Safety and wellness of the patient: it is a fundamental value for any medical clinic. However, plastic surgeons often focus too much on the aesthetics and leaves behind this critical element of medical practice. BANOBAGI is a clinic that upholds the humanistic values, and does its best to take responsibility for the patients’ safety and wellness: even in breast augmentation.

  • Complete breast examination system

    A woman’s breasts do not only symbolize her femininity, but also function in many important ways. This merits thorough and regular examinations without excuses. However, many patients who received breast augmentation are hesitant to receive examinations from a regular medical facility: because revealing their history of augmentation is not always a pleasant thing to do. BANOBAGI is an active participant in the info button pink-ribbon campaign, What is the pink-ribbon campaign
    the pink-ribbon campaign
    The pink ribbon represents breast cancer: it is to raise awareness for the risk of cancer and the importance of cancer-prevention through regular examinations.
    , and has both the facility and the medical staff to provide a comprehensive breast examination. We offer regular breast-exam programs to thoroughly check the condition of the breasts, and can even discover and remove tumors.

  • Only the genuine implants

    As much as the implant is a critical part of breast augmentation, its reliability is of paramount importance. Untested implant, if used, exposes patients to infections and other various side effects. BANOBAGI keeps a stock of various implant types, but only uses the genuine products from tested and safety-verified manufacturers.

  • A 30-minutes operation

    People often erroneously believe that longer operation time yields better results. However, longer operation means higher risk of contamination and infection, in addition to greater damage to the tissue, resulting in slower recovery. When it comes to operation time, shorter is better. BANOBAGI, with our plentiful surgical experience and keen sensibility, completes a breast augmentation procedure within 30 minutes. BANOBAGI’s expertise—properly using non-bleeding layers for uninterrupted view and minimized tissue damage—enables a safer breast augmentation.


05 Recovery and care
BANOBAGI offers you a relief.

Most surgical operations require an appropriate recovery process—this is no less true for breast augmentation, due to the risk of capsular contracture and scarring. Capsular contracture can be prevented by selecting an appropriate implant and taking proper care following the procedure. BANOBAGI offers a systematic massage programs from specialists, and informs the patients about a proper method of massage to assist caring for the smooth-type implants.
Furthermore, a collaborative treatment with BANOBAGI Dermatology provides the patients with even better care for any scarring.

Surgery Information

  • Operation Time

    About 30 min.

  • Anesthesia

    General Anesthesia

  • Stitch Removal

    About 7 days after
    (Not required when derma bond is used)

  • Hospitalization

    Discharged on the day/
    About 1 day required

  • Follow-up

    About 2 times

  • Recovery

    Resume daily routine in 3~4 days

Post-op Pain Level
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  2. square
  3. square
  4. square
  5. square
  6. square
  7. square
  8. square
  9. square
  10. square

Some pain will be present, depending on the type of surgery and implant. Painkillers will be prescribed, and the pain will diminish over time.
Capsular contracture should be avoided through massages.

* Consensus based on the actual patients’ response to questionnaire.

* Not a strict standard, and patients’ experiences may differ.

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3 Months After
3 Months After
2 Months After
2 Months After
3 Months After
3 Months After

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