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Ask persistently

communicate with each other.

Breast augmentation have many options to choose.
This is because there are more various options than expected, including various types of implants, surgical methods and the condition of the body.
Therefore, sometimes some people hurry in doing the surgery as decided by the hospital without detailed information.

However, breast augmentation is an operation which influences the outcome due to various choices during the preparation process that has been made.
Therefore, both the patient and the doctor must be persistent. We believe that deciding after asking more will lead to a satisfied result.

To help patients make the right choice, BANOBAGI checks the patient's body condition through precise diagnosis, shares diverse of implant information and explains the pros and cons about surgery method.

In addition, we are trying to hear the patient’s concern which would be about the size, the shape of the breasts and the purpose of the surgery.
This way, the more natural and satisfying breast augmentation result will be possible.

We recommend the optimal implant
rather than the best implant.

The most important thing in breast augmentation is the implant.
It is very important to select the most appropriate implant in terms of medical and also the shape for the patient’s satisfaction. However, the issue is that the characteristics of the implants are different and the shape of the breasts varies individually. Therefore there are difficulties in recommending certain implants that are the best.

It is important to propose a variety of options by dealing with a variety of implants for a more satisfactory result and
to choose a specialist who can think about the implant that fits each individual's condition, as they have a lot of experience with each implant.

The core of BANOBAGI breast plastic surgery,
types of implants
  • 코시히브젤
    Cohesive Gel

    Currently, it is the most used implant in Korea which is being used instead of physiological saline bag that was used in the past. Due to its good cohesion, it does not spread to the body and maintains that state and does not leak even if the implant is damaged after surgery. This implant has been approved for use by FDA & KFDA and has many advantages such as good touch and natural shape, so it is widely used in general cases.

  • 생리 식염수
    Physiological Saline

    It is a material that has been used a lot in the past as an implant that is used by filling it with physiological saline. It has an advantage of being easy to balance because it is possible to control the size of the breast by adjusting the amount of saline solution, but it gives a less soft feeling than cohesive gel.

  • 스무스타입
    Smooth Type

    Since the surface is smooth, it is advantageous for positioning during surgery and the incision can be made smaller which can reduce the risk of scarring. However, proper management is required after surgery because there is a possibility that capsular contracture may occur.

  • 마이크로 텍스쳐
    Micro Texture Type

    The implant surface is made as human-friendly and the fine bumps prevent capsular contracture. And it is easy to lock the position of the implant that can be used even for people who has narrow rib cage.

  • 마이크로탄 타입
    Microthane Type

    Unlike existing implants, it is settled with a polyurethane material that has fine holes on the surface. Similar to the texture type principle, the breast tissue settles on the surface of the implant that reduces the possibility of capsular contracture, and there are almost no side effects such as moving or rotating of implant

  • 실키 텍스쳐
    Silky Texture Type

    It is an implant that has the advantages of a smooth and normal texture type which the surface is not slippery and is specially made with fine bumps. Since the breast tissue settles between the bumps of the implant after surgery, it is easy to prevent capsular contracture. And it has been developed repeatedly to obtain a softer touch result which spreads well even when lying down.

  • 라운드형
    Round Type

    This is the most common type of breast implant which has a hemispherical shape. Since the central part is the highest shape, it has the advantage of increasing the volume of the lower and upper breast at the same time. In addition, the shape changes due to gravity when it is raised which makes it possible to create a more natural line on the side of the breast.

  • 해부학적 혹은 물방울 형
    Tear Drop Type

    It is designed to match the shape of the breast which the typical shape would be the tear drop type. The advantage of this type is that the shape is beautiful but may feel unnatural depending on the movement. And if the position is not stably fixed after surgery, reoperation may be required due to the rotation of the implant.

The surgical method
as important as the implant.

The surgical method in breast augmentation may vary depending on the patient's desired outcome and the patient's body structure.

Therefore, patients
need to know how the surgery will be performed before surgery as well as what implants they will undergo surgery with.

가슴확대수술 보형물
Location of the Implant

It is the hospital's duty to take responsibility
for safety and health
of patients.

Patient’s safety and health. This is a basic value that should be considered from the hospital.
However, some plastic surgery clinics miss this basic and important values because they focus more in cosmetic parts.

BANOBAGI is a clinic where it keeps humanism and puts effort to be
responsible in the patient’s safety and health during breast augmentation surgery.

바노바기 모델
  • 가슴 정밀 검진 시스템형
    Breast Examination System Type

    The female breast symbolizes femininity and is a special organ that performs various functions. Therefore, a precise and regular breast examination is essential. However, patients who have undergone breast augmentation may be reluctant to undergo breast diagnosis at a general medical institution. Because it’s not a pleasure to reveal whether you have done breast surgery.
    BANOBAGI is a medical institution that actively implements 인포버튼 the Pink Ribbon campaign 모바일 아이콘 What is Pink Ribbon Campaign? 핑크리본캠페인 A pink ribbon is a symbol that symbolizes breast cancer and it’s a campaign that emphasizes the importance of increasing awareness of breast cancer and prevention through regular checkups. and also have specialized facilities and medical staff for precise breast examination. The condition of the breast is precisely examined and tumors can be detected and removed through our regular breast examination system.

  • 정품 보형물 사용
    Use of Genuine Implants

    The safety of implants which are indispensable for breast augmentation is also very important. Because the use of unproven implants can expose you to the risk of infection and various side effects. BANOBAGI has variety of implants, but only genuine brands that have been verified for safety through various tests are being used.

  • 약 30분 내외 의 수술
    Surgery in about 30 minutes

    Sometimes, there are some people who think that the result of surgery will be better if the operation time is longer. However, as the operation time increases, the risk of infection increases and the tissue damage becomes severe which slows recovery. Therefore, it’s better if the operation time is short. BANOBAGI is performing breast augmentation surgery in about 30 minutes due to rich experience and sense of surgery. BANOBAGI’s technology which reduces unnecessary tissue damage and ensures visibility through the layer that does not bleed makes it possible to have safe breast augmentation surgery.

Recovery and Management,
BANOBAGI will relieve your worries.

Most surgeries require recovery process according to the surgery. Especially in the case of breast augmentation. It’s because of concerns about the occurrence of capsular contractions or scars.
Capsular contraction can be prevented through proper selection of implants and proper management.

BANOBAGI provides systematic massage and massage training through expert personnel to
help massage care after smooth type implant surgery.

In addition, we will manage scars more carefully after surgery through cooperation with BANOBAGI Dermatology Clinic.

바노바기 모델
Detailed Breast Care Program

It is important to carefully care for swelling, pain and scars and also to induce faster recovery after surgery are important. BANOBAGI Plastic Surgery Clinic is 22running necessary care programs for patients after surgery based on 21 years of plentiful experience.

  • 1st Care : Biophoton

  • 2nd Care : Biophoton+Aroma lymph circulation massage

  • 3rd Care : Capsulitis care

  • 4th Care : RF High frequency management

혈액순환과 비교적 빠른 회복을 유도하는 바이오포톤 치료

Biophoton treatment that induces blood circulation and relatively rapid recovery Biophoton is a body heating device that uses new material PDP with a combination of platinum and diamond nanoparticles. The 4-14 microns of light energy emitted by the PDP increases body temperature and improves blood circulation which leads to rapid recovery.

아로마 림프 순환 수기 마사지

Aroma Lymph Circulation Hand Massage It’s a massage program which professional therapists use aroma oil to lightly stimulate lymph, induce blood circulation and accelerate recovery. It accelerates blood circulation in the breast area and discharges bodily waste to maintain breast health and elasticity.

구형구축을 예방하고 촉감, 모양을 잡아주는 캡슐러티스

Capsulitis that prevents capsular contraction and holds the touch and shape Capsulitis reduces pain after breast surgery and induces lymphatic circulation to minimize bruising and swelling which is a specialized management equipment for the breast. It helps to maintain the natural breast line and soft touch through the prevention of capsular contraction and the improvement of blood circulation.

고주파(RF) 관리

High Frequency Management By delivering high-frequency heat to the inside of the body, it accelerates blood circulation as well as softens blood vessels and tissues to prevent capsular contracture and helps make the texture natural.


Detailed Scar Healing Program
흉터치료에 탁월한 콜라겐 주사 (흉터 주사는 일부 수술 환자에게만 제공됩니다)

Collagen injection that is excellent for scar treatment (Scar injections are only available to some surgical patients) The injection treatment of a collagen component helps the skin to regenerate normally so the scar heals relatively quick. It’s a method of activating the skin's own regenerative ability which is safe and has almost no rejection.

프락셔널 레이저 치료

Fractional Laser Treatment By penetrating a laser to the deep layer of the skin, not only surface, but also the inside of the skin is possible to be treated at the same time to improve both skin texture and the scar.

Surgery Information

  • Operation Time

    About 30 min

  • Anesthesia

    General Anesthesia

  • Stitch Removal

    After about 7 days(no need if derma bandage is used)

  • Hospitalization

    Discharged on the day or About 1 day

  • Follow-up

    About 2 times

  • Recovery

    Resume daily routine in 3~4 days

Post-op Pain Level

Pain killer will be prescribed even though pain level may differ depending on surgical method and implant types, however the pain will be gradually reduced over time.
It is recommended to massage the breasts to prevent capsular contracture.

* Consensus based on the actual patients’ response to questionnaire.

* Not a strict standard, and patients’ experiences may differ.

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3 Months After
2 Months After
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3 Months After

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