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Bone, Muscle, and Skin – A Multi-dimensional Approach

Details of Banobagi’s Face Contouring surgery
to create natural face.


Face Contouring Surgery:
Banobagi’s Surgical Methods

Surgery that takes into consideration the person rather than just the shaping of the bones

The aim of face contouring surgery is not just about the modifications of one’s bones in the face, but to make your face line more beautiful in appearance with correct and symmetrical facial proportions. And so, it is very important to anticipate and forecast the changes that will occur in the muscles and skin in addition to the changes made to the bone. Banobagi precisely analyzes the muscles, fat and skin in your face for a more beautiful facial expression, in order to create a smaller, more natural and beautiful appearance of the face.

Face Contouring
Banobagi’s techniques
in many ways

A Beautiful face contour and an anti-aging process

The shaving and cutting of bones, lifting of saggy skin, and removal of fat tissues, are all unique processes done for the improvement of the shape of the face. Banobagi carefully considers and observes these together at the same time, for more natural and beautiful face contour. Our face contouring surgery, combined with the procedure and techniques of Elastic band lifting to improve the saggy skin and the use of Accusculpt laser treatment to remove fat and tighten skin, is highly recommended by Banobagi face-contouring specialists.

  • Elasculpt
  • Face Contouring
  • Elasticum
  • Accusculpt
Systematical Surgery Preparation.

Our systematical surgery preparation adds to the complete procedure of our face contouring surgery

  • 3D Facial CT scan

    3D scan for the analysis of facial bones; anatomical analysis with bone density measurements; accurate predictions of the results of surgery

  • Specialized health examination

    Detailed health examinations for patients to ensure safe, and professional surgical procedures.

  • In-depth consultations with one of our specialists

    Professional care and consulting for patients and their desired results.


Face Contouring,
The important first step

Systematic preparation through in-depth consultations and new/modern equipment

Because the face is three dimensional, Banobagi face contouring surgery is based on objective data by our specialists and the understanding of the face’s shape from various angles. In addition, our specialists analyze the face’s layers anatomically for a more natural look. Banobagi takes into careful consideration the foundations of beauty which focus on proportional face contouring to make beautiful and more natural facial expressions

Banobagi’s Systematical
Surgery Preparation close

Face contouring surgery, Banobagi is Detailed

Banobagi’s secret of success,
Post-operative special care

No matter how good a surgical procedure is, the desired results of surgery are dependent on the recovery process. It is most important that your muscles and skin heal properly and adapt and regenerate into the changed shape of the bones. Banobagi has developed a special post-operative patient care system based on many years of experience and results. Specialized, detailed and professional post-operative patient care will help achieve better surgical results.

  • Regular check-up System
  • for a faster recovery

    New, specialized and modern equipment
  • Systematization of the recovery process

Focused on Face Contouring for 20 Years!

Banobagi Face Contouring Surgery

Face Contouring Specialized Team from Seoul National University

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