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For double jaw surgery and facial contouring with less skin sagging

Elastone Therapy

Less swelling, more skin elasticity

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Attractive proportions and in-depth facial silhouette: proper aftercare makes them happen

After double jaw surgery or facial contouring, if the swelling does not go away for an extended period, it can lead to skin sagging. BANOBAGI offers better surgery results through our aftercare program: swelling is kept under check with ultrasound and stone therapy, while radiofrequency treatment increases skin elasticity.

Meet BANOBAGI’s Elastone Therapy Three-Week Program

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Equipment used in Elastone Therapy
  • Ultrasound

    Ultrasound, once in contact with the skin and the body, expands blood vessels and increases blood flow with micro-vibration and heat. This increases blood and lymph circulation, facilitating quicker recovery from swelling.

  • Stone Therapy
    Stone Therapy

    This thermotherapy uses heat-retaining native rock to increase immunity as well as relax the tense nerves and muscles. The treatment facilitates blood circulation, which rapidly cleanses the body of toxins and waste, leading to effective swelling prevention.

  • Radiofrequency Machine
    Radiofrequency Machine

    Radiofrequency is delivered into the deep tissues, creating deep heat. Deep heat stimulates collagen in the dermal layer, strengthens cell functions, and increases blood circulation and metabolism: effective for skin elasticity.

Elastone Therapy Three-Week Program Treatment time: 40 min
  • Week 1



    Lymph drainage massage

    Ultrasound treatment
    (lymph circulation)

    Lucas aroma mist (lymph drainage)

    Moisture and nutrition modeling mask

  • Week 2



    Lymph drainage massage

    Stone therapy
    (lymph circulation)

    Lucas aroma mist (lymph drainage)

    Moisture and nutrition modeling mask

  • Week 3



    Elasticity Treatment

    Lucas aroma mist (lymph drainage)

    Moisture and nutrition modeling mask

* Care programs may change depending on your individual conditions.

  • Cleansing

    It thoroughly cleans facial impurities (e.g., oil, dust, etc.) before treatment.

  • Exfoliation

    Dead skin cells are removed while protecting the skin barrier function.

  • Lymph drainage massage
    Lymph drainage massage

    It facilitates lymph drainage in the surgery area, brightening the face.

  • Ultrasound treatment (lymph circulation)
    Ultrasound treatment (lymph circulation)

    Ultrasound equipment encourages the remaining lymph to be circulated through capillary and vein.

  • Stone therapy (lymph circulation)
    Stone therapy (lymph circulation)

    Thermotherapy facilitates blood and lymph circulation, activating cell tissues, and expels waste through perspiration.

  • Radiofrequency Elasticity Treatment
    Radiofrequency Elasticity Treatment

    Radiofrequency translates to deep heat within the body and stimulates the collagen layer, generating collagen and elastin, and increasing skin elasticity.

  • Lucas aroma mist (lymph drainage)
    Lucas aroma mist (lymph drainage)

    Aroma encourages lymph circulation and drainage, brightens the face, and moisturizes the skin.

  • Moisture and nutrition modeling mask
    Moisture and nutrition modeling mask

    Once lymph is drained, modeling mask resupplies moisture and nutrition to the skin.