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Precise improvements specific to the male face

Male Face Contouring

Stylish accentuation of masculine points

  • #GoldenRatioSilhouette
  • #MasculineCharm

For-men planning in face contouring relieves your stress

Face contouring used to be a thing of women. However, we now live in a time in which men take care of themselves, and many men are addressing their complexes through male face contouring.

Especially with recent advancement in male-specific face contouring technology, male face contouring has gone beyond simply addressing facial complexes (e.g., lantern jaw, square jaw, excessive cheekbones, etc.) and has become an effective way to accentuate your masculine charm.

Therefore, it is our wish that male patients with facial silhouette concerns leave their predisposed aversions against face contouring behind and visit us for a casual consultation.

banobagi plastic surgery model
Improvements made through male face contouring
  • Long chin or lantern jaw that makes the face look longer
    Long chin or lantern jaw that makes the face look longer
  • Excessive cheekbones
    Excessive cheekbones
  • Severe square jaw that creates an untrendy look
    Severe square jaw that creates an untrendy look
Improvements toward a gentle yet masculine facial silhouette Improvements toward a gentle yet masculine facial silhouette
Improvements toward a gentle yet masculine facial silhouette

* The images were used under the patient’s consent. Because of the photography settings, the results shown may appear different from the actual results.

In male face contouring, the keys are jawline, chin, and proportions

Female and male face contouring have different goals and, thus, attempt to create different results. While women prefer a slim and smooth silhouette, men want to smooth down the noticeable bone structure while accentuating masculinity. BANOBAGI understands this very well in our male face contouring.

We create smaller and well-groomed facial contours through a more effective osteotomy. At the same time, we bring out the jawline and maintain the chin width, creating a more masculine feel that is different from a feminine V-line. Moreover, we apply the golden ratio to create symmetry and overall facial proportions: we provide more natural-looking and complete results.

  • Well-groomed facial contours
  • Accentuates masculinity
  • Golden-ratio facial proportions
banobagi plastic surgery model

We can propose various methods for face contour improvement

From forehead and cheekbones to chin and jaws, there are many elements that determine the facial contours. Because these facial parts are related to each other, it is important to be mindful of other parts while making improvements upon one.

For example, in a face with well-developed cheekbones, a simple square jaw surgery that disregards the cheekbones may further accentuate the cheekbones. Therefore, face contouring is more effective when the surgeon has a wide range of expertise throughout the elements that create the facial contours.

Since founded in 2000, BANOBAGI has been operating a face contouring specialist team. Our skills and sensibilities go beyond face contouring through osteotomy: we can even adjust the facial muscles and fat tissues.

This allows us to select the surgical method that is appropriate for your overall facial proportions and needs, leading to a more satisfying face contouring.

banobagi plastic surgery model
Professionalism in BANOBAGI Face Contouring
  • Professionalism in BANOBAGI Face Contouring
  • 1. Square Jaw Surgery
    1. Square Jaw Surgery

    1. Square Jaw Surgery

    For an omniangularly attractive jaw, our square jaw surgery is done through a single osteotomy by considering the three-dimensional shape of the jaw.

  • 2. Chin Surgery
    2. Chin Surgery

    2. Chin Surgery

    We select the optimal method of osteotomy for each patient, freely making improvements in chin’s length, protrusion, and retraction.

  • 3. Cheekbone Surgery
    3. Cheekbone Surgery

    3. Cheekbone Surgery

    Osteotomy, pushed to the limit, rearranges the entire cheekbone complex: a more stable and effective cheekbone surgery.

  • 4. Two Jaw Surgery
    4. Two Jaw Surgery

    4. Two Jaw Surgery

    Temporomandibular occlusion is more precisely created by collaborating with anesthesiology specialists and oral and maxillofacial surgeons: intermaxillary fixation is unnecessary or shortened.

  • BANOBAGI Face Contouring Specialist Team

BANOBAGI Face Contouring Specialist Team

BANOBAGI has years of male face contouring experience

In general, male patients have thicker skin and more developed muscles than female patients. Moreover, the bone structure itself is larger and developed in a subtly different way.

Therefore, for a more successful male face contouring, the surgeon must understand such male characteristics and possess appropriate knowledge and skills.

If an unprepared surgeon carries out male face contouring simply with experience in female face contouring, the results may differ wildly from the initial planning. Since founded in 2000, BANOBAGI’s face contouring specialist team has been continuously accumulating knowledge and experience in various male face contouring cases. Because we design the surgery by identifying the patient’s male characteristics, our surgery is more precise and truer to the plans. This is why BANOBAGI’s male face contouring gives more satisfying results.

banobagi plastic surgery model
More satisfying results through years of male face contouring experience
  • + Dimensional facial silhouette created from delicate incisions that bring out the contours

  • + Smooth jawline that preserves masculinity

  • + Smaller face and trendier image

  • + Balanced and slim male jawline

More satisfying results and quicker recovery: the key is post-surgery care

What determines the face contours is what is shown outward: your skin and facial expressions. This is why the goal in face contouring is to alter the bone structure while keeping the facial muscles and skin in mind. However, this mindfulness does not stop at the surgery. Face contouring involves complex incisions and osteotomies and, thus, leads to a relatively heavy post-surgery swelling—prolonged swelling of such severity may lead to sagging skin.

Therefore, in a male face contouring, recovery and swelling care have as great impact on the results as the success of surgery itself.

At BANOBAGI, you can take full advantage of our aftercare knowledge: built on extensive clinical experience and as systemized as our surgeries. We have created a treatment manual for every step and stage throughout the recovery, and we offer intensive treatment—such as Elastone Therapy*—using our post-surgery care equipment. More natural facial impressions and more effective facial structure improvement: they are the sources of our confidence.

banobagi plastic surgery model
Elastone Therapy

Ultrasound, stone therapy, and radiofrequency are used to reduce swelling, fortify immunity, and increase skin elasticity. An effective post-surgery care treatment is also provided, following square jaw reduction, cheekbone reshaping, two jaw surgery, and other face contouring procedures.

  • Ultrasound

    Ultrasound, once in contact with the skin and the body, expands blood vessels and increases blood flow with micro-vibration and heat. This increases blood and lymph circulation, facilitating quicker recovery from swelling.

  • Stone Therapy
    Stone Therapy

    This thermotherapy uses heat-retaining native rock to increase immunity as well as relax the tense nerves and muscles. The treatment facilitates blood circulation, which rapidly cleanses the body of toxins and waste, leading to effective swelling prevention.

  • Radiofrequency Machine
    Radiofrequency Machine

    Radiofrequency is delivered into the deep tissues, creating deep heat. Deep heat stimulates collagen in the dermal layer, strengthens cell functions, and increases blood circulation and metabolism: effective for skin elasticity.

Surgery Information

  • Operation Time

    About 1 hr. 30 min. ~ 2 hr.

  • Anesthesia

    General Anesthesia

  • Stitch Removal

    About 14 days after

  • Hospitalization

    About 1 day

  • Follow-up

    About 2 times

  • Recovery

    Resume daily routine in 7 days

Post-op Pain Level
  1. square
  2. square
  3. square
  4. square
  5. square
  6. square
  7. square
  8. square
  9. square
  10. square

As the anesthetics wear off, patients may experience pain, but it will diminish over time.
The pain level during stitch removal or sterilization is that of a mild pinch.
Feverish sensations and pain caused by swelling can be addressed with the prescribed painkillers, and icing helps as well.
Pain and swelling will be kept under control through a systemized and continuous aftercare.

* Consensus based on the actual patients’ response to questionnaire.

* Not a strict standard, and patients’ experiences may differ.

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6 Months After
6 Months After
6 Months After
After 3 months
3 Months After
After 3 months

※ This image may look different from the real look depending on the shooting conditions, and was posted under the agreement of patient himself/herself