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Younger through lifting! Prettier through facial contouring!

Facial Contouring +
Elastic Band MACS Lifting

A beautiful facial structure for a youthful face

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Receive two procedures
at the same time

Facial contouring + elastic band MACS lifting
gives you a beautiful facial structure and a youthful face.

Skin - Bone Structure
Skin changes; bone structures do not
  • Skin

  • Aging and sagging face

  • Elastic band MACS lifting

  • Tighter skin, protruding facial understructure?

  • Bone Structure

  • Unchanging cheekbones and square jaw

  • BANOBAGI facial contouring

  • Worried about post-surgery sagging?

BANOBAGI Facial Contouring +
Elastic Band MACS Lifting

Why does my facial skin sag?

If changes are made to the facial structure underneath, the skin and the muscle covering understructure must be tightened too.

  • After a high-volume osteotomy
  • Low-elasticity skin that does not tighten easily
  • High facial fat volume
  • Preexisting sagging because of aging
banobagi plastic surgery model
A lifting that keeps getting better and better
  • Elastic band lifting
    Elastic band lifting

    Relatively quick recovery of a band lift

    • More elastic and delicate bands than common lift bands
    • Ligament-like natural movements afterward
    • Minimal incision, thanks to the two available types of tip needle
  • MACS lifting
    MACS lifting

    Anti-wrinkle effects of a MACS lift

    • Effective lifting by peeling both the skin and the SMAS layer
    • Skin and muscle are lifted and fixed into place: face-line elevates as well
    • Excess tissues are removed, reducing facial sagging
Various methods for a petite face and a delicate silhouette

There are complex reasons behind the face appearing oversized

  • 1. M-Cheekbones Reduction
    1. M-Cheekbones Reduction

    An omniangularly petite and pretty facial silhouettes

  • 2. Long-Curve Lower Jaw Osteotomy
    2. Long-Curve Lower Jaw Osteotomy

    A square jaw into a V-line

  • 3. Cortical Osteotomy
    3. Cortical Osteotomy

    A slim face: even from the front

  • 4. Buccal Fat Removal
    4. Buccal Fat Removal

    Bringing out the lines by erasing the fat

  • 5. Masseteric Reduction
    5. Masseteric Reduction

    Reducing the overall facial volume

A New Idea of Antiaging

Facial Contouring
Elastic Band MACS Lifting
Elastic Lifting
MACS Lifting
Cortical Osteotomy
Long-Curve Lower Jaw Osteotomy
Masseteric Reduction
Buccal Fat Removal
  • Regained youth from best-of-both-worlds lifting
    Regained youth from best-of-both-worlds lifting
  • Facial contouring that expresses beauty and youth
    Facial contouring that expresses beauty and youth
  • Better recovery through concurrent operations
    Better recovery through concurrent operations

We offer both beauty and youth

Antiaging on top of lifting!
The procedure gives you antiaging results on top of attractive and harmonious facial proportions. In addition to the bone structure, we also think about the placement of muscles and fats.

DR.Jonglim Park, DR.Changhyun Oh, DR.Shinki Park

Surgery Information

  • Operation Time

    About 1 hr. ~ 2 hr.

  • Anesthesia

    General Anesthesia

  • Stitch Removal

    About 7 days after

  • Hospitalization

    About 2 days

  • Follow-up

    About 2 times

  • Recovery

    Resume daily routine in 7 days

Post-op Pain Level
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  3. square
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  5. square
  6. square
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  8. square
  9. square
  10. square

As the anesthetics wear off, pain may be experienced but will diminish over time.
Pain level during stitch removal or sterilization is that of a mild pinch.
Feverish sensations and pain caused by swelling can be addressed with the prescribed painkillers; icing will help as well.
Pain and swelling will be kept under control through a systemized and continuous aftercare.

* Consensus based on the actual patients’ response to questionnaire.

* Not a strict standard, and patients’ experiences may differ.

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6 Months After
4 Months After
6 Months After
6 Months After

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