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Details of Banobagi’s Eye surgery


Eye Surgery, Banobagi’s Surgical Methods

Customized surgery from diagnosis to surgery

When undergoing any eye surgery procedure, a specific diagnosis is needed for various aspects of the treatment area such as the shape of the eyes, the thickness of the eyelids, and whether there are any functional problems when close and open your eyes. Our main goal of detailed consultation is to provide you with the information and confidence you need to allow us to create and provide you with a customized surgery plan.

  • Eyelid’s Muscular Strength
  • Size & Location of Pupils
  • Skin Thickness & Elasticity
  • Direction of Eye’s Shape
  • Shape of the Mongolian Epicanthus
  • Distance Between Eyes
  • Eyelid ptosis
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Eye Surgery,
Banobagi does it Right

Anything and Everything about eye surgery

The final result that Banobagi ultimately pursues is this: ① A more natural eye shape without surgical scars
② No functional problems of the eyes
③ Results that match with the patient’s image
At Banobagi, we have the detailed methods, skills, knowledge and surgical procedures to make the eyes appear more beautiful.

  • 01

    double eyelid surgery
  • 02

    ptosis correction
  • 03

    Brow lifting
  • 04

  • 05

    transconjunctival eye bag repositioning

Eye Surgery,
Banobagi is Special

A Specialized hospital for non-incisional eye surgery

At Banobagi, we are confident and pride ourselves on the procedures of how we do non-incisional eyelid surgery. Banobagi eye surgery department with Dr. Park Sun-jae, who has been studying the eyes and performing eye surgery for over 18 years, provide the most professional and skilled expertise for our patients. It is with our expertise and experience that we have studied and improved upon the techniques to correct as simply and as effectively as possible, without making an incision on the skin.

  • Non-incisional Eyelid Surgery
  • Non-incisional Epicanthoplasty
  • Non-incisional ptosis Correction
  • Non-incisional Upper Blepharoplasty
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No-sedation Anesthesia with Minimal Pain.
  • 01

    Use of thin needles
  • 02

    Techniques of our skilled specialists
  • 03

    Application of anesthetic cream before procedure
  • 04

    Customized Anesthesia
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Eye Surgery,
Banobagi is Detailed

The reason why do we insist on

It is better for the patient to remain awake and not under heavy sedation to obtain the best results from certain eye surgery procedures. This allows for a safer progress through the procedure and better end results. We persist in non-sedated anesthesia and continue to study and use various methods of administering anesthesia to minimize the pain during surgery. Many of our patients have provided us with feedback that they have had an operational procedure done very comfortably without sleeping sedation.

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Eyelid Surgery,
Banobagi listens to our patients

Banobagi’s reasons for regularly scheduled conferences

Banobagi attend regular conferences twice a month to further gain insight and knowledge on the high level of standards of detailed surgical procedures. Banobagi’s team of surgeons, doctors, nurses, and consultants regularly communicate about our patient’s issues and needs, surgical procedures, postoperative discomfort, special-care follow up, and the recovery of our patients. We have never neglected the process in care for our patients or our expertise and professional knowledge for over 18 years, and because of this, we are proud and confident in making further accomplishments in our expertise and continuing in being a leader in the field of plastic surgery.