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Incision makes unnatural-looking eyes: a misconception

# Incision double eyelids

Natural and clear charm

01 We’re here to dispel the misconceptions about incision

Incision double eyelid surgery operates by designing the double eyelid lines, making the incisions in the eyelids, removing muscle and fat, and then tying down the muscle and the skin to fixate them. For those who have droopy skin or have much fat on the eyelids, Incision surgery is more advantageous.

The incision method has more pros than cons: it can create a wide variety of lines and construct a spacious and distinct eye shape.

model model

There are many misconceptions about the incision method. The term “incision” itself sounds grave, and it appears scary and painful. You may be concerned about scarring or being left with so-called “sausage eyes”.

However, Incision method and Non-incision method have little differences in results.
When with a specialized surgeon.

Wide variety of double eyelid lines

  • In-line

    The double eyelid line inconspicuously begins in the front of the eye and widens as it reaches the rear.

  • Out-line

    The double eyelid line shows outward from the beginning to the end, parallel to the eye shape.

  • In-out-line

    An overall outwardly line as in the out-line, but has a very narrow line to the front and the line thickens as it reaches the rear.

02 Incision: if necessary
it must be done properly

Most patients for a cosmetic eye surgery don’t prefer Incision method, and neither does our clinic.
Incision surgery is done only when necessary (e.g. presence of much fat around the eyes or excessively droopy eyelids) after sufficient consultation.

double eyelid lines
double eyelid lines

If Incision is necessary, it must be done properly. Incision double-eyelid surgery can achieve greater satisfaction than non-incision surgery with a specialized surgeon.

03 Natural-looking:
does not give it up

“Was it really by Incision method?”
Our patients are often asked this question. They tell their friends that incisions were made, but the friends can’t tell.This is how natural-looking BANOBAGI’s double eyelid surgery is. The eyelid tissues are appropriately trimmed, and the incision is effectively made: creating not the scars, but natural-looking lines that feel like you’ve always had them.
Incision method always leaves a mark?
Not at all. The surgeon’s skills become evident in the Incision method, and there are certainly those who utilize the Incision method to give a natural-looking result as much as the Non-incision method. If Incision is necessary, the patient should seek a clinic with such surgeons.

04 Scarring and swelling, not to worry

Scarring is probably the greatest reason why patients fear the incision method. This is an understandable concern, because the scarring is relatively visible immediately following the surgery. However, any scarring will go away in 6 months.
  • After stitch removal

    After stitch removal

  • After 1 month

    After 1 month

  • After 3 months

    After 3 months

  • After 6 months

    After 6 months

Incision method necessarily leaves longer swelling than Non-incision method. The swelling is at its worst after two to three days but will naturally diminish over time.
  • img
  • img
[ The above images are of actual BANOBAGI patient for a better understanding of the procedure, and were posted under the agreement of patient himself/herself. ]

Surgery Information

  • Operation Time

    About 30 min. ~ 1 hr.

  • Anesthesia

    Local Anesthesia

  • Stitch Removal

    About 5~7 days after

  • Hospitalization

    Discharged on the day

  • Follow-up

    About 1 time

  • Recovery

    Resume daily routine in 3~5 days

Post-op Pain Level
  1. square
  2. square
  3. square
  4. square
  5. square
  6. square
  7. square
  8. square
  9. square
  10. square

If anesthesia is necessary, Incision method surgery is less painful that that of Non-incision method one.
Patients will experience aching pain and discomfort in the operated area as the anesthetics wear off.
If the pain is severe, we advise pain-relievers: from the pharmacy is also sufficient.
Icing also helps if the area feels heated.

* Consensus based on the actual patients’ response to questionnaire.

* Not a strict standard, and patients’ experiences may differ.

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3 Months After
3 Months After
3 Months After
3 Months After
2 Months After
3 Months After

※ This image may look different from the real look depending on the shooting conditions, and was posted under the agreement of patient himself/herself