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바노바기 20주년 since 2000

Operating Room Surgeon identification system.

Banobagi Plastic Surgery offers a 1:1 medical system in which the operating surgeon is in charge of the entire procedure, from pre-operative consultations to postoperative care. Banobagi has introduced a real-name surgeon identification system that posts the names of doctors and assistants (including anesthesiologists) on the door of each operating room.


Beauty creators


The philosophy of Banobagi is all about “Detail”.
We refrain from making any recommendations for excessive or unnecessary surgery for the benefit of our hospital, and preserve the dignity of our patients first by helping realize the value of beauty and adhering to the basics of medicine.

Introduction of a real-name surgery room system 팝업버튼
We only perform procedures
that are necessary for our patients.
  • Pre-consultation

    Survey, pre-consultation photo taking, filling out of medical history chart

  • Doctor’s consultation

    Accurate diagnosis through a detailed and personalized consultation

  • Medical examination

    Clinical examination with the use of advanced medical equipment and a systematic checkup system for disease
    (*resident medical laboratory technologist)

  • Operation

    (Rapid healing)
    Medical treatment system to help reduce and minimize swelling and bruising

  • Post-operative treatment

    Various post-operative treatments
    for faster recovery

    • - scar care
    • - pain care
    • - circulation care
    • - swelling care



Slow Banobagi

Banobagi is cautious
From accurate pre-operative examinations, personalized consultations, and post-operative treatment and care, Banobagi provides the safest surgical procedures in a relaxed environment
Banobagi’s Process

Be assured when it comes to safety.
  • Banobagi’s Emergency system

    Banobagi keeps a cardiac defibrillator on site which is essential for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, in order to deal with emergency situations that might occur.

  • Dual safety devices to manage the safety of power supply during surgical procedures

    Banobagi is equipped with a large generator and a UPS dual emergency power supply system.

  • Precision patient monitoring system

    The patient monitoring system constantly and precisely checks the vital signs of the patient, including cardiac activity, blood oxygen and carbon dioxide saturation, blood pressure, and body temperature


Safe Beauty Banobagi.

Banobagi is safe

Safety and the patient’s comfort is the most important consideration in any surgical procedure. We invest in our facilities to provide patients with the safest surgical conditions and treatment and continually upgrade our advanced operating room systems and the emergency power generation systems in cases of emergencies. In addition to our safety precautions,four anesthesiologists are present in the operating rooms to closely monitor all surgeries
Safety system

Study Beauty
The beauty of Banobagi’s research.

  • 바노바기소개 사진
  • 바노바기소개 사진
  • 바노바기소개 사진
  • 바노바기소개 사진
  • 바노바기소개 사진
  • 바노바기소개 사진

We at Banobagi, continuously study and research about up to date technology and current best practices and skills. The Banobagi Medical Center staff, composed of plastic surgeons from Seoul National University, are selected according to strict requirements and require rigorous standards to be selected and be systematically trained to meet with patients. Additionally, we conduct regular conference sessions by case, surgical field, and oversee employee training programs to proactively study more in the field of beauty and lead the industry in the use of modern and new technology.

Plastic surgery specialist from SNU

Plastic surgery recommended
by mothers to daughters.

Banobagi is beautiful

A female patient who underwent surgery 18 years ago in Banobagi, now comes back to us with an adult daughter of her own. We are a hospital that trusts, thinks and works like a family and considers our patients like family, and that is the driving force behind Banobagi’s growth and success in becoming the leaders in plastic surgery in Korea.Banobagi is like family and a trusted hospital where mothers, for example, can confidently and proudly refer their daughters to, a place where daughters can refer their mothers, a family member to a family member and a place that friends can tell their friends about.