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Prevention System of Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic for Coronavirus Infection

"You may feel assured with Banobagi, we are preventing safety thoroughly."


[Prevention System of Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic for Coronavirus Infection]

Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic has reinforced the health control and safety system for our patients and staffs can use with confidence.



1. Visitation Restriction of Chinese patients and China visited patients

Regardless of nationality, we temporarily restrict the patients who have recently visited China.


2. Sterilization and Disinfection Management

Through the professional company for disinfections, sterilization is done once a week in our clinic.

And we also perform our own disinfection with alcohol twice a day manually.


3. Confirmation of all visitor's body temperature check and hand disinfection

When entering the main entrance of Banobagi, all visitors are required to use hand sanitizer and check body temperature.


4. Thermal Camera Installation

Installed an advanced thermal camera to identify patients with fever in real time so we would respond to certain situation precisely.


5. Return measures for Patients with Abnormal Symptoms

Patients with high fever or respiratory symptoms are advised to return home.



 In-Hospital Sterilization by Professional Disinfection Service Agency



 Body Temperature Check and Hand Sanitization for All Visitors



 Distinguish Patients with Fever in Real Time by Operating Advanced Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging Device



Multiple Hand Sanitizers placed in hospital