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The Harmony of the Face, the Implant, and the Surgical method

Customized surgery for the nose
Details of Banobagi’s Rhinoplasty.

Banobagi’s Surgical method

One on one individual consultation that take into consideration of the face from various angles.

No matter how beautiful the nose is, it can look less attractive if it doesn’t complement the shape of the individual’s face. As nose is located in the center of the face, it looks relatively different depending on the other features of the face. We know that the most important aspect of the patient's face is the harmony and the ratio of the face. Therefore, Banobagi is able to suggest the ideal shape of the nose to suit each individual patient.

Banobagi is Confident

The variety of rhinoplasty and the technology.

For a beautiful nose, there are a lot of things to consider such as the height of the nose and shape of the bridge, and the length of the nose, the skeletal width, skin layer thickness, the nostrils, and of course, the type of implant. Therefore, rhinoplasty requires a very complex design process. Banobagi has been practicing rhinoplasty for many years and we approach each case individually even when it is the same type of operation done for many.

Banobagi is Skillful

Proper selection and placement of materials

It is difficult to tell which procedure is safer or more appropriate between using an implant and performing auto graft surgery. The outcome can differ depending on the shape of the individual’s nose and the characteristics of their skin. Using the material properly and safely is of more importance than just the type of material being used. The Banobagi nose surgery team has many years of experience, has conducted extensive research, and has perfected the skills in choosing the proper materials for a patient’s needs.

  • Rhinoplasty Materials
  • Autologous

    Ear cartilage, septal cartilage, dermis, fat tissue, etc.

  • Artificial implant

    Silicon, gore-tex, siligore, etc.

The Rapid Healing Project

Post-operative care program reducing 30~50% of swelling, bruising, and pain

  • Exquisite surgical techniques

    Through experience and advanced surgical methods, techniques used to reduce tissue damage and bleeding.

  • Pre and post-operative drug treatment

    Precise and thorough medical testing and the prescription of medication for faster recovery.

  • Rapid healing medicine

    Medication that activates micro blood circulation that develops the body’s tolerance from swelling and bruising.

  • Cica Bio Arnica Extractim Cream

    Cream-textured ointment that helps to reduce pain, swelling, and bruising.

  • Calm Laser treatment

    A laser therapy device used in therapy to reduce pain, anti-inflammation, and edema absorption.


Banobagi is Detailed

The “Rapid Healing Project” created through communication with our patients.

Many people are concerned about the long-term recovery period, swelling, bruising and pain associated with rhinoplasty procedures in addition to the actual surgery result itself. Banobagi understands in those concerns, and so, has developed the “Rapid Healing Project” in order to reduce recovery time for patients following their surgical procedure.

The Rapid Healing Project pop-up button

Banobagi Listens to patients

Banobagi’s reasons for regularly scheduled conferences

Banobagi’s team of experts and professionals regularly conduct and attend conferences at least twice a month to further our education and expertise in improving the quality of our procedures. All employees in the nose surgery department, including consultants, nurses, therapists as well as surgeons gather to discuss and handle the specific cases of each one of our patients, treat any objections after surgery and make improvements, and further educate each other and share our expertise. Since we have not neglected this process for over 17 years, we are confident and capable in providing you with the most satisfactory and detailed surgical procedures in Banobagi. For better medical care, more satisfactory results, and more comfortable medical services, Banobagi takes care of the details.