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The basics of rhinoplasty, which are always the most important

# Augmentation Rhinoplasty

For Ideal Angle

01 It is important to understand the underlying reasons to provide safe and accurate procedure.

Why do people desire to have a defined or prominent nose?
The nose is located in the center of the face and it is the part being most noticeable on face.

Therefore, depending on the shape of the nose, the shade and impression of the face is different because of the nose’s definition or prominence.

When the shape of the nose is better defined, it produces a more three-dimensional effect on the face, and more distinct impression. Therefore, people who have a relatively less-defined nose bridge, for example, want to change their facial impression by augmenting the nose and ultimately giving it more definition and prominence; often referred to as a “high nose” in Korea.
Banobagi’s augmentation rhinoplasty do not only focus on giving the nose more depth or the appearance of having a “high nose”.

Banobagi understands why and how the definition of the nose is important to so many, in addition to how it should proportionally look on the face. We have the expertise and professional know-how in suggesting the use of correct materials to achieve this desired look and the most effective surgical methods to produce the best results.

02 There is no manual
in Banobagi’s augmentation rhinoplasty

Banobagi’s diverse rhinoplasty.

The singular or combined surgical methods
to obtain a more beautiful and natural looking nose.

Banobagi’s augmentation rhinoplasty procedure is not defined as one specific method.
The reasons being that, every patient has a different approach to having surgery and the interests for doing so, there are a variety of different implants and prostheses available in the field, and there are a wide range of surgical procedures available to help yield the unique attractiveness and beauty of an individual’s nose. Based on the basic surgical methods of rhinoplasty, various and more complex surgeries can be carried out and performed depending on the patient's facial conditions, desires, and the results and decisions made in consultations prior to surgery.

It is essential to design the shape of the nose to best fit the individual’s appearance of their face in relation to its symmetry, location, size, and definition in order to improve the overall characteristics.

  • Augmentation Rhinoplasty

    Surgical methods to augment the nose bridge

  • Nose tip plasty

    Surgical methods for slimmer nose tip to give a more three-dimensional look

  • Alar reduction

    Reduction in the size of the nostrils for balanced look of the entire face and nose

  • Hump resection

    Making the “line” of your nose smoother and straighter for beauty and to improve the function of the nose to help with breathing

  • Deviated nose correction

    The various surgical methods available to improve the functional problems and to correct them for straighter nose that is more balanced with the face

  • Columella correction

    The columella is located in between the nostrils and helps to support the tip of the nose. Its position is taken into consideration with the position of the philtrum and the nostril in order to improve the profile of the nostrils and make it appear more balanced

  • Nasal bone osteotomy

    Reduction of the widen bones on both sides of the nasal bridge to make the nose more sophisticated and prominent

03 A nose that
your face

A nose that is beautiful from any angle

The primary purpose of augmentation rhinoplasty is to provide more definition to the nose and to improve the shape of it. Secondly, the nose must look natural, pretty and, ultimately, match with the symmetry and overall look of the rest of the face.
Therefore, Banobagi’s augmentation rhinoplasty does not only consider just the shape of the nose.
We take a lot into consideration through consultation, such as the shape of the forehead, cheek bones and even the tip of the chin, for more beautiful and natural in appearance from all angles.

  • Point 01
    The exquisite tip of the nose

    The nose tip shape is very important in making the nose appear more beautiful. The round shape and the prominent tip of the nose help make the nose look more natural and beautiful.

  • Point 02
    Understanding the surgical materials availability. The skills to enhance the natural beauty.

    We have the ability and options to use a wide range of materials and skilled techniques, from autograft procedures using autocartilage, temporal fascia and the use of fatty tissues, to the use of prostheses such as silicon, Goretex, and Gore Silie. For this reason, we are able to perform a natural, safe and personalized operational procedure.

  • Point 03
    Beauty considering angles and proportions

    Banobagi performs rhinoplasty based on precise measurements that match with the natural angles and ratios of the forehead, mouth and other facial proportions. Thus, the outcome results in a more symmetrical, natural and sophisticated look.

Surgery Information

  • Operation Time

    About 1 hr. ~ 1 hr. 30 min.

  • Anesthesia


  • Stitch Removal

    About 5 days after

  • Hospitalization

    Discharged on the day

  • Follow-up

    About 2 times

  • Recovery

    Resume daily routine in 5~7 days

Post-op Pain Level
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  3. square
  4. square
  5. square
  6. square
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  8. square
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  10. square

The Rapid Healing Project helps our patients recover faster.
Discomfort with the feeling of having a foreign object present in the treated area is a normal after procedure, but it will gradually relieve itself and subside over time.
The prescribed pain medicine will help soothe the pain immediately, if needed.
You may experience slight discomfort or pain when stitch removal or when sterilize sutured area.
If you experience the feeling of heat or a hot sensation on the healing area, use an icepack to help reduce and sooth the area and reduce any swelling, if visible.

* Consensus based on the actual patients’ response to questionnaire.

* Not a strict standard, and patients’ experiences may differ.

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