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Clear and depth-creating silhouette

Profile Contouring

Ideal profile created with delicate lines and angles

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Profile contouring aims at an overall improvement of the facial silhouette viewed from the side

The “profile” refers to the silhouette that connects the forehead to the chin from the side. Because a person’s profile is as visible as the front of the face to the others, it plays a key role in determining the individual image.

Therefore, if you are considering nose reshaping—making an improvement on the most depth-creating part of the face—it is good to consider a profile contouring and a way to factor in the overall from-the-side silhouette, rather than simply the nose shape alone.

banobagi plastic surgery model
Profile Contouring: Effects
  • Accentuated facial depth
  • Attractive from-the-side silhouette
  • Emphasis on a trendy feel
  • Younger image
  • Before surgery Before surgery - Flat and plain profile
    Flat and plain profile
  • Six months after surgery Six months after surgery - Trendy, sharp profile
    Trendy, sharp profile

* The images were used under the patient’s consent. Because of the photography settings, the ones shown may appear different from the actual results.

Surgery done through sensibilities and skills that can find an attractive profile

A profile is determined by the shapes and the placements of various facial features that constitute the from-the-side silhouette. The lines and angles, created from each feature’s depth, are what constitute the profile image. Therefore, in a profile contouring, it is important to find a surgeon who is proficient in various facial improvement techniques, based on his/her sensibilities for the overall facial harmony.

Since founded in 2000, BANOBAGI has continuously researched the ideal profile that goes with a beautiful nose. Thanks to this, we can provide a detailed adjustment on various facial features, such as nose reshaping—that improves the nose bridge height or nose tip width—or volume improvement in the forehead curves or the chin.

This is why BANOBAGI’s profile contouring brings out the charm in each feature, all the while creating more depth and harmony throughout the face.

An Ideal Profile: BANOBAGI’s Goal
  • Proper improvements upon various features that constitute the profile, Understanding in overall facial harmony, Sensibilities that find the profile that fits every individual

A more effective improvement upon each facial feature while considering the overall harmony

Profile Contouring: Forehead, Nose, Philtrum, Lips, Chin

Profile Contouring: Forehead

An ideal forehead has volume that creates a gentle curve from the side while being smooth and even. A natural highlighting occurs when the area 2 cm above the brows has an outward curve, accentuating the facial image as well as a gentle and organized feel.

Most common methods of forehead reshaping include implant insertion or injection treatment that uses autologous fat or fillers. In case of injections, the treatment can precisely improve the forehead shape in a relatively

banobagi plastic surgery model
Filler or autologous fat treatment for a more delicate and smoother forehead volume

Profile Contouring: Nose

The nose has the most depth among the facial features and, therefore, has the greatest role in creating a facial profile. The nose tip is especially important, as the overall profile image, as well as the nose bridge angle, is determined by the height and location of the nose tip. For a more stable nose tip fixation, BANOBAGI uses autologous tissues: a sturdier option. We determine the nose tip location, depending on the desired nose shape, and create support for the tip in a semipermanent fashion.

The nose, raised in this way, becomes the central point for the profile, creating a trendier and sharper personal image.

banobagi plastic surgery model
Nose Reshaping that Considers the Ideal Nose Tip Location and Proportions

Profile Contouring: Philtrum

The philtrum connects the nose and the lips, and while it is a small feature, it plays an important role in profile improvement. If the philtrum is curved inward, it makes the mouth look relatively protruded or the mid-face flat. Moreover, the philtrum may become awkward-shaped when the nose tip has been raised.

To remedy this, it is important to calculate the optimal degree of protrusion that can naturally connect the nose and the upper lip. Depending on the desired height and shape, autologous fat, implant, or filler can create the appropriate volume.

banobagi plastic surgery model
Natural Connection between the Nose and the Lip through Philtrum Volume
  • Natural Connection between the Nose and the Lip through Philtrum Volume
  • Natural Connection between the Nose and the Lip through Philtrum Volume
  • Autologous Tissues
    Autologous Tissues

    Nasal septal cartilage, ear cartilage,
    autologous dermis, bone fragment from osteotomy, etc.

  • Implants

    Silicon, Gore-Tex, etc.

  • Fillers

    Artecoll (semipermanent), Restylane,
    Juvéderm (temporary)

Profile Contouring: Lips

Lips are unique body parts in color and texture: they are considered to create sexual charm. Thin and dull lips can diminish their presence and charm; thus, it is important to add volume through fillers or autologous fat transplant.

banobagi plastic surgery model
Filler Treatment or Autologous Fat Transplant for Sharper and Voluptuous Lips

Profile Contouring: Chin

The chin determines the face length from the front, while creating various facial impressions depending on the degree of its protrusion.

The ideal chin is protruded enough to create a clear distinction from the neck, and a small, gentle volume at the edge creates a trendier and sharper feel. This can be enhanced through implants or autologous fat transplant. Autologous fat transplant injection treatment, more notably, allows for more convenient and delicate improvements, making it an effective method in creating a natural-looking and attractive chin.

banobagi plastic surgery model
Increased Chin Volume through Autologous Fat Transplant by Factoring in the Nose-Tip-to-Lip line.

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3 Months After
3 Months After
After 6 months
After 6 months
3 Months After

※ This image may look different from the real look depending on the shooting conditions, and was posted under the agreement of patient himself/herself