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Naturally Setting the Facial Harmony

# Nose Reduction

A Proportionate Distinction

01 A big nose overshadows
other facial features

model model

Centrally located within the face, the nose also brings the most dimension to our facial silhouette: this makes a nose the most notable facial feature. But what if such a feature was also outstanding in size?

This necessitates nose reduction.
Nose reduction is exactly what it sounds like: reducing the size of an excessively large nose to fit the rest of the face. It makes the nose more appropriate in size in proportion to the face, while allowing the rest of the facial features to shine as well. It also balances the overall facial silhouette, giving you a harmonious, yet distinct, facial impression.

Benefits of Nose Reduction
  1. 01

    More distinct impression

  2. 02

    Smooth and beautified nose

  3. 03

    Overall facial accentuation

The Ideal
Nose Reduction
The Ideal Nose Reduction
The Ideal Nose Reduction
  1. 01

    Harmoniously proportionate size

  2. 02

    Three-dimensional size adjustment

  3. 03

    Shape that fits the facial image

02 A comprehensive procedure:
the surgeon’s skillfulness is critical

Nose reduction is a procedure that involves almost all nasal tissues: from the nose bone that creates the fundamental structures to the cartilage and the soft-tissue.

The upper nose, thick and wide, is reduced in area through interior osteotomy and the bone within is slimmed down with exterior osteotomy. In the lower nose, the goal is to narrow down the width while maintaining or elevating the height, lowering the frontal septum and reducing/restructuring the outer cartilage and the nostrils accordingly. Once the overall size has been set, some reshaping (e.g. sharpening the nose tip, narrowing down the nostril width) is needed as well.

A nose reduction involves such a comprehensive set of improvements:knowledgeable and experienced specialist surgeon.

Exterior Osteotomy Interior Osteotomy Septum Adjustment Nose Tip Reshaping Nostril Reduction
BANOBAGI Nose Surgery Team

Our Nose Surgery Team, through their experience,
aims at creating a nose that fits the patient’s specifications and is distinguished from any angle.

BANOBAGI Nose Surgery Team BANOBAGI Nose Surgery Team BANOBAGI Nose Surgery Team

Surgery Information

  • Operation Time

    About 1 hr. 30 min. ~ 2 hr.

  • Anesthesia

    Sedation/General Anesthesia

  • Stitch Removal

    About 5 days after

  • Surgical Material

    Dermis, Silicon, etc.

  • Follow-up

    About 2 times

  • Recovery

    Resume daily routine in 5~7 days

Post-op Pain Level
  1. square
  2. square
  3. square
  4. square
  5. square
  6. square
  7. square
  8. square
  9. square
  10. square

We offer faster and more proactive recovery through our Rapid-healing Project
Patients may experience aching pain as the anesthetics wear off, but the pain will subside over time.
Pain level during stitch removal and disinfection is of a mere pinch.
The feverish pain from swelling can be mediated through the prescribed painkillers and icing may help.

* Consensus based on the actual patients’ response to questionnaire.

* Not a strict standard, and patients’ experiences may differ.

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3 Months After
3 Months After
3 Months After
3 Months After
2 Months After
3 Months After
3 Months After

※ This image may look different from the real look depending on the shooting conditions, and was posted under the agreement of patient himself/herself