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In only one day, you can have bright and shining skin! One Day Brightening Program BANOBAGI'S SPECIAL SOLUTION MAKES YOUR SKIN BRIGHT AND SHINY IN JUST ONE DAY! Thanh Quynh's One day brightening project Real Story After Care Tip
In only one day, you can have bright and shining skin! One Day Brightening Program COLLAGEN REGENERATION - SKIN TIGHTENING - SKIN FUNCTION RECOVERY - MOISTURIZING ENRICHMENT 1 DAY ※it would be good to divide the treatment program into 2-3 visits if your length of stay is over 3 days BANOBAGI DERMATOLOGY'S ONE DAY BRIGHTENING PROGRAM IS A TARGETED THERAPY PROGRAM FOR THOSE WHO HAVE LIMITED STAY TIME Facilities include more than 30 perminum lasers. Professional medical skin care Banobagi Dermatology's experience and know-how will make you bright and shiny Thanh Quynh's One day brightening project Real Story STEP01.Cleansing, STEP02.Digital Image Analyzer, STEP03.Doctor's Checkup, STEP04.Appling anesthentic cream, STEP05.Laser toning, STEP06. 12PL STEP07.Fraxel Dual, STEP08.Water-light PRP, STEP09.Rejuran healer STEP10.lonzyme therapy, STEP11.Light therapy, The treatment is done! Now, let's wait to have bright skin! Things to do after having brightening program Quick bruise and swelling removal after plastic surgery One day Anti-bruisiong & Deswelling Treatment Program WHAT'S INCLUDED IN THE PROGRAM? New V-beam laser, Vitamin K Therapy WHAT'S INCLUDED IN THE PROGRAM? Regeneration laser, Dermio-Care anion therapy After care Tip Products that should be used for maintenance after the Brightening treatment Moor spa Forming Cleanser, Bien Vita Sunscreen FM Regenerative Cream, Banobagi Mask Pack WHITENING PLUS Maintenance products for clear and bright skine tone MOISTURE & SENSITIVE PLUS Highly concentrated moistuerizing cream for dry and sensitive skin TROUBLE PLUS Use the product that removes the sebum effectively if you have the skin oily and trouble coming up well. VITAMIN C Vitamin C has whitening effect, antioxidant effect and helps to maintain clear and bright skin tone when you take every day after the whitening treatment. BANOBAGI Plastic & Aesthetic Clinic
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