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Revision Surgery with our own basis and principles

Healing both body and mind
Details of Banobagi’s revision surgery.


Revision Surgery,
Banobagi’s Methods

Accurate corrections starting from the basics

There are various reasons to undergo a revision operation to correct imperfections from previous surgical procedures, but there is only one conclusion: to identify and correct the causes of the patient’s dissatisfaction and make it more satisfactory than now. Based on the understanding and diagnosis, it is essential to observe the basic and principle and to operate. Banobagi understands the patient and promise the correct correction.

Banobagi’s revision surgery system
  • Identify the need
  • Understand the aim and goal
  • Accurate diagnosis
  • Surgery with basic and principle
  • Post-operative treatment
Banobagi’s revision surgery system.
  • - Identify the need
  • - Understand the aim and goal
  • - Accurate diagnosis
  • - Surgery with basic and principle
  • - Post-operative treatment
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Revision Surgery,
Banobagi is Reliable

Specialized experts in each surgical area

The process of revision procedures requires careful reconsideration of fixing any tissue deformations, the details and understanding of all previous surgical procedures, and the possible removal or replacement of any inserted materials from prior operations. Thus, it is very important to have any kind of revision surgery done by a highly skilled specialist.

Revision Surgery,
Banobagi does it Better!

More precise and skilled for better results

Revision surgery can often be one of the most difficult and reluctant procedures for any skilled surgeon. However, Banobagi is confident in performing revision surgeries better than any other hospital. Over time the medical team of Banobagi have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience, focusing on the principles of surgery, to build expertise and learn the know-how more naturally and confidently. Banobagi’s revision surgery provides skilled expertise with better methods for better results. Patients who visit Banobagi will be satisfied with their desired results.

  • Eye
    revision surgery

  • Nose
    revision surgery

  • Breast
    revision surgery

  • Banobagi
    revision surgery

  • Face
    revision surgery

  • Body
    revision surgery

  • Anti-aging
    revision surgery

Revision surgery, Banobagi is Detailed

The successful removal of foreign materials

The most important consideration in the removal of foreign material from previous surgical procedures, is to accurately find the location of the material and to safely remove it while preventing any tissue damage With specialized equipment and a sophisticated expertise in surgery, the doctors at Banobagi are able to identify and safely remove any foreign materials, and provide treatment to restore any damaged tissue and eliminate the side effects.

  • Ultra sound diagnosis

  • Foreign material removal

  • Form restoration

  • Treatment