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More satisfaction through professionalized bodyweight management

Revision Liposuction

Detailed body contouring technology that prevents the cycle of revision treatments

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Trickier revision treatment: you must find a surgeon with extensive liposuction experience

Revision liposuction is a tricky operation that required more careful attention than the initial procedure. Unlike the initial liposuction, the revision must consider additional elements (e.g., fibrous scar tissues, new blood vessels, indentation, or skin issues arisen from elasticity loss).

Therefore, it is important that revision liposuction is scheduled after roughly six months of progress monitoring and is performed by a surgeon with sufficient liposuction experience.

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Conditions for a successful revision liposuction
  • Ability to perform revision while factoring
    in tissue damages from the previous surgery,
    new blood vessels, and skin conditions

  • Surgeon with extensive experience in liposuction

  • Sufficient progress monitoring in previous liposuction
    results and patient recovery

  • Roughly six months after the previous surgery (Or sooner in case of severe complications, depending on the individual symptoms)

BANOBAGI offers greater satisfaction through extensive experience and skills

Since founded in 2000, BANOBAGI’s body contouring specialist team has been accumulating extensive experience and skills. Our more precise surgery does almost no damage to tissues or blood vessels, and our understanding of your dissatisfaction’s sources and skills to correct them provide a more effective revision.

Moreover, our professional equipment that removes fat mass while increasing skin firmness, in addition to our knowledge in keeping the treated area even and smooth, leads to more satisfying results.

BANOBAGI has more confidence
in revision liposuction
  • Precise surgery with no damage to tissues or blood vessels
  • Experience that proposes the correct improvement methods for varying circumstances
  • Professional equipment and knowledge that keep the treated area smooth and natural-looking
  • BANOBAGI has more confidence in revision liposuction

We identify the source of dissatisfaction more precisely and make improvements

There are varying reasons for revision liposuction. From personal dissatisfaction (e.g., insufficient fat reduction, asymmetry, etc.) to complications (e.g., indentations in the treated area), anything can make a patient want revision liposuction. Therefore, in revision liposuction, the highest priority is to properly understand the source of dissatisfaction and find an appropriate corrective method. BANOBAGI’s extensive experience in body contouring and understanding in the human body allow us to find the optimal corrective measure and prevent a cycle of revision surgeries.

Common reasons for revision liposuction and their solutions
  • Insufficient fat reduction
    If the surgeon has not accurately identified the patient’s basic body type, or there was insufficient communication during consultation, the liposuction may not yield the desired results. It is important to firmly determine the surgical goals through sufficient communication, and our techniques that can bring out the bodily dimensions through a given fat reduction volume can provide a more satisfying body contouring.
  • Asymmetry
    Asymmetry may occur if the patient’s postures or spinal structures have not been taken into consideration. In the abdomen, it is important to precisely improve the waistline according to the spinal structure, and in case of the arms, it is better to use precision equipment such as info Accusculpt. iconAccusculpt Laser Accusculpt Laser Accusculpt Laser is a laser liposuction system that removes fat and increases skin elasticity at the same time. The system allows for high-precision control that can even treat facial sagging, under the chin or the cheeks, for example. This makes the system more effective for treatments that require delicate sculpting, such as arm lifting.
  • Indentation in the treated area
    Excessive liposuction can lead to concrescence between the skin and the muscle, causing indentations. It is important to keep complications like infection away, according to the degree of concrescence, and improvement can be made by making delicate corrections on the surrounding fat layer.
  • Uneven surface texture
    in the treated area
    In liposuction, how much fat you leave in is just as important as how much fat you remove. Precise liposuction that maintains even fat distribution in the treated area can create a more smooth and natural-looking silhouette.
  • Post-surgery sagging or stretching in the skin
    The skin may sag if the liposuction does not technically factor in the skin contraction. The key is to thoroughly remove the fat mass, including the subcutaneous fat, and for patients who are middle-aged and beyond, additional lifting procedures can create a firmer silhouette despite their skin’s thinness and low elasticity.

Overall body weight management planning and post-surgery care means longer-lasting results

In revision liposuction, maintaining the results as long as possible is important as well. Unlike improvements made on muscle or bone, liposuction results can change because of the nature of fat tissues.

Not only BANOBAGI surgically addresses your body contouring dissatisfactions, but we also provide individualized body weight management programs based on our knowledge in body contouring. This is not only limited to liposuction but also covers individualized in-depth consultations on exercise, diet, and nonsurgical treatments, providing a continued maintenance of body contouring results.

In addition, our systemized post-surgery care (e.g., collaboration with BANOBAGI Dermatology Clinic, intensive recovery program) means faster recovery for body weight management activities.

banobagi plastic surgery model
BANOBAGI’s Revision Liposuction:
Longer-Lasting Results
  • Body weight management based on individual lifestyle, such as exercise habits and diet
  • Obesity treatment system that includes almost all nonsurgical treatment methods
  • Relatively fast return to routine through an intensive recovery program