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Revision Antiaging Surgery

Revision made for your individual skin

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Revision antiaging surgery must wait until you fully recover

Most antiaging procedures peel the skin, lift it, and insert fixation implants that are absorbed into the body over time. It generally takes about a year until the implants are fully absorbed into the body, and even if you have received implant-free surgery, the tissues take roughly six months to heal.

Therefore, revision antiaging surgery must wait until 6–12 months after the initial surgery: until the tissues heal and the implants are absorbed. Of course, earlier revision is possible depending on your rate of recovery if severe complications arise, but taking your time before receiving revision surgery prevents further revisions and gives more satisfying results.

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Revision Antiaging Surgery: Timeline
  • If the skin has been incised or peeled

  • If body-absorbed implants have been inserted

6–12 months after initial surgery:
for tissue recovery and implant absorption
  • If an early revision is needed because of
    severe complications or fast recovery

As soon as possible, while keeping tissue damage in mind

We aim to precisely understand the underlying cause of dissatisfaction and make improvements

The skin consists of a complex structure, in which various layers carry out different functions.
Therefore, in revision surgery, the key is to find a surgeon with extensive antiaging surgery experience who can make accurate diagnosis and improvements. There are four major reasons for revision antiaging surgery: insufficient wrinkle removal, uneven skin texture, asymmetrical improvement, and simply resurfaced signs of aging.

BANOBAGI thoroughly analyzes the underlying cause of dissatisfaction
and selects an appropriate method of revision: this reduces the risk of recurrence and allows for more satisfying revision antiaging surgery.

Major Reasons for a Revision Antiaging Surgery
  • Insufficient Wrinkle Removal
    Insufficient Wrinkle Removal

    This occurs when the skin is insufficiently peeled. The key is to sufficiently peel the skin without damaging the inner tissues through more a precise technique.

  • Uneven Skin Texture
    Uneven Skin Texture

    This may occur when the skin was peeled in an irregular manner up and down the skin, or when blood has pooled within the treated area. Even peeling can prevent this.

  • Asymmetry

    If the skin is lifted in an asymmetrical manner or the surgeon has failed to identify the patient’s individual facial characteristics, asymmetry in results may occur. It is important to take more thorough measurements during the consultation stage.

  • Simple Resurfacing
    Simple Resurfacing

    In general, the skin wrinkles and sags downward because of gravity. For an effective treatment, antiaging procedures should more precisely determine the patient’s individual skin elasticity and take gravity into consideration.

With our extensive knowledge and skills, we can revise almost every case of antiaging surgery

Since founded in 2000, BANOBAGI’s antiaging specialist team has been continuously accumulating research and experience.
Our advanced technology and our sensibilities for your individual facial traits and expressions allow us to provide more effective antiaging treatments. We can also revise almost every case of antiaging surgery, thanks to our proficiencies in various medical products (e.g., threads, elastic threads, Endotine, etc.) that can effectively be applied to various facial areas.

Forehead - Eyebrows - Mid-face - Neck - Upper eyelids - Lower eyelids - Cheeks
BANOBAGI can revise surgeries
in almost every facial area
  • Utilization of various medical products needed for antiaging surgery
  • Sensibilities for individual facial traits and expressions
  • More stable technology through extensive research
  • Revision Antiaging Surgery Specialist Team

Safer surgery and systemized aftercare make revision surgery easier

In revision antiaging surgery, making the process easier for the patient is important as well. The risk of complications must be kept to a minimum, and prolonged swelling diminishing skin firmness and surgery results must be prevented too. Moreover, leaving a scar in the patient’s face, where even the littlest wrinkling is a concern, is unacceptable.

BANOBAGI offers safer surgeries and systemized aftercare programs to give you revision antiaging surgery that fits all such requirements. Our precise peeling techniques keep tissue damage to a near zero, and we proactively treat swelling and bruising through our medical equipment such as info Calm Laser iconCalm Laser Calm Laser Calm Laser system delivers high-intensity laser deeply into the skin tissues, facilitating blood circulation and cell regeneration. This expels or reabsorbs unnecessary body fluids that have accumulated, quickly relieving pain and effectively treating inflammation, bruising, and swelling. or info Biophoton Light Therapy. iconBiophoton Light Therapy Biophoton Light Therapy Biophoton Light Therapy is full-body-recovery thermotherapy equipment that uses newly discovered platinum diamond photon (PDP): a nanoparticle combination of platinum and diamond. PDP emits light energy of 4–14 microns, which increases body temperature, heightening immunity and improving waste removal. Moreover, the improved blood circulation more actively breaks down body fat. Our relatively smaller incisions and our post-surgery Healing Scar Project leave little room for worry when it comes to scarring as well.

banobagi plastic surgery model
BANOBAGI’s efforts to make revision surgery
easy for you
  • Precise surgery that keeps tissue damage to a minimum

    Precise surgery that keeps tissue damage to a minimum

  • Swelling and bruising care through professional equipment

    Swelling and bruising care through professional equipment

  • Healing Scar Project that provides intensive scarring care

    Healing Scar Project that provides intensive scarring care