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Creating volume with a technology beyond fat graft

# BreastAugmentation

Natural curves from your breasts

01 If you’re cautious toward breast augmentation
fat graftingcan be an alternative

A woman’s breasts are the symbols of her femininity as well as a body part that provides her with a womanly appeal. We no longer associate bodily presentation with indecency. Accordingly, there is growing interest in having more beautiful breasts, and more women are looking into breast enhancement surgeries. However, even today, breast enhancement is not something that people consider lightly. This is because the procedure involves many elements that can stop a patient from walking into the surgery room; these include reluctance toward the act of inserting implants, pain, and the relatively long recovery period. When a patient wants a comparatively simple procedure such as supplementing the upper-breast volume or giving the breasts a minor change in size, the risks may not seem to be worth the benefit.

such cases, breast augmentation through fat graft may be a good alternative.

The inner composition of a human breast mostly involves fat tissues. More fat within your breasts means larger breast size. This is the underlying idea behind breast augmentation through fat grafting. Fat tissues are harvested from the patient’s abdomen or buttocks, refined, and then injected into the breasts as needed.

The transferred fat soonnaturally engrafts itselfwithin the other in-breast fat tissues, forming beautiful curves

Fat-graft breast augmentation process
  • Fat harvested from abdomen or buttocks
  • Refinement and separation
  • Injection into breasts

02 Many benefits, but not without clear disadvantages

The greatest advantage of breast augmentation through fat graft is its natural-looking results. Because the procedure supplements in volume what already consists the breast, rather than using artificial materials such as implants, the risk of adverse effects (e.g., capsular contracture) is low, and the breast’s shape and movement are incredibly natural. Moreover, the procedure itself is less intimidating because it does not involve major incisions or peeling, and it has a significant benefit of allowing the injection of however much fat you desire into any area that you want.

However, this method of augmentation is not for those patients who are excessively skinny, and there is also the disadvantage of the augmentation effect gradually reducing over time. The issue of unsustainability is caused by the transferred fat tissues’ inability to properly engraft themselves within the breast:

The results individually differ, but 30–50% of the grafted fat may be absorbed back into the body, diminishing the enlargement effect.


  • Natural breast shape and movement
  • No side-effect risk from implants (e.g., capsular contracture)
  • No major incision or peeling: less scarring and pain, easier recovery
  • More precise procedure: finer control over procedure area and enlargement degree


  • Not for skinny body type
  • Unengrafted fat is absorbed back: diminished results over time

tackles the existing disadvantages with SVF

The reason for the fat tissues failure to engraft themselves properly is because of the minute differences between the existing breast-fat tissues and the injected tissues. Fat tissues, harvested elsewhere in the body, have grown according to their locality and are slightly different from the tissues in the breasts: if the breasts reject the tissues because of this difference, the fat is absorbed back into the body.

To address this issue, BANOBAGI makes fat transfers in the cellular level. We do not simply transfer fat: our fat-graft process first separates the SVF contained within the fat before transplanting them. SVF have the ability to differentiate into whatever form needed by the graft-host body part, and therefore can function as the breast-fat tissue themselves rather than an alien type of fat.

This results in a far greater enlargement effect than that of the existing methods of fat-graft breast augmentation, and the results are also lasting.

Differences between existing fat grafts and
BANOBAGI’s SVF fat graft
Existing fat grafts
  • Fat harvested from other body parts
  • Harvested fat injected into the breasts
  • Partial engraftment of harvested fat:
    the rest are absorbed away
BANOBAGI’s SVF fat graft
  • SVF separation after fat harvest
  • Separated SVF are injected into the breasts.
  • Transplanted SVF grow into breast-fat tissues and mostly engraft themselves.
  • Longer-lasting volume

04 SVF utilization:
advanced technology and equipment are the foundation.

For SVF-based fat grafting, advanced technology and equipment are necessary. BANOBAGI is a research facility approved by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning, and we are equipped with various facilities and personnel necessary to perform safe SVF procedures. In addition, our specialists and their expertise make our fat harvesting and grafting more precise and inconspicuous.
Extraction of the versatile SVF make our fat grafting more effective than others, even with the same amount of fat tissues to work with.

Certificate of Technological Evaluation: Outstanding Business
Exceptional Detail of BANOBAGI
Why SVF breast augmentation is even more satisfying
  • Resident biotechnology researchers
  • Precise technology and expertise that make fat harvesting and injection inconspicuous
  • Equipped with necessary facilities (e.g., effective cell count testing equipment, extreme-low temperature storage system, sterile room, etc.)


Personal efforts
Lead to more satisfying results

Once the fat cells have been transplanted into the breasts, vascular growth into the fat cells stably engrafts them within roughly two weeks. Therefore, to maximize the engraftment rate, special care is needed within that two weeks. What is most important is to minimize movement and external stimulation.

Moreover, smoking is a major factor that disrupts vascular growth: we recommend roughly two months of non-tobacco usage.

Surgery Information

  • Operation Time

    About 1 hr.~2.5 hr. depending on the amount injected

  • Anesthesia

    General Anesthesia/

  • Follow-up

    About 1 time

  • Recovery

    Resume daily routine in 3~4 days

Post-op Pain Level
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An expanding sensation and mild pain may occur in the breasts but will diminish over time.
The area where fat was harvested may feel numb.
The procedure is an injection and comes with relatively low pain level, but if the patient experiences severe pain, the clinic must be immediately contacted and visited.

* Consensus based on the actual patients’ response to questionnaire.

* Not a strict standard, and patients’ experiences may differ.