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The Safest and
most Effective Technology

The creation of healthy cells
Details of Banobagi’s SVF.


Surgical method

Higher levers of SVF therapy

With the quality of Banobagi’s facilities and the expertise in our manpower, we can provide exceptional SVF treatment using the cells taken from blood, bone marrow, and fat. In particular, SVF cells, which can be used immediately after extraction from adipose tissue, have the advantage of excellent self-renewal ability, improving skin tone and elasticity, and there are little to no side effects from activating growth factors and cells around the area of application.

Advantages of SVF popup
  • - Self Regeneration
  • - Growth Factor
  • - Differenciation
  • - Immunity Increase
Surgical areas using cell transplantation
  • Face

    Nose, cheek, forehead, chin, nasolabial line

  • Body

    Breast(augmentation, reconstruction), buttocks

  • Anti-aging

    Wrinkles, skin elasticity, freckles, dark circles

  • Skin

    Skin tone, scarring, stretch marks, pores, black heads


application to various areas.

Various range of application of SVF cells

SVF cells not only have excellent self-repair capability, but also have the ability to adapt to the injected site, allowing them to be used in various areas. With our expertise in SVF therapy, Banobagi offers effective and natural improvements in various areas of skin scarring, aging, and the correction of facial and body features with our cellular treatment procedures.

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Banobagi is Remarkable

Ability to collect more exceptional cells

The success of SVF cell therapy is dependent on the survival rate of the injected cells. Banobagi’s biotechnology researchers conduct professional cell therapy procedures to ensure success in most cases of cellular treatment. The know-how of our specialists and the technology used to obtain high amounts of healthy cells from the same amounts of fatty tissue is the key to long-term and long-lasting cellular treatment effects in Banobagi.

Cryogenic Freezing Storage System.

Banobagi’s therapy
can be done several times

Cell-banking system that can be stored for 3~5 years

SVF cells become more susceptible to damage and can become contaminated over time after initial extraction. Therefore, the numbers of traditional cell therapy was limited to only one. However,Banobagi uses a cryogenic freezing storage system to safely store SVF cells. This makes it possible for multiple treatments to be performed several times and achieve even greater results.

-196 degree Cryogenic
Freezing Storage System pop-up button

Banobagi is Different

18 years of know-how to create a natural silhouette of liposuction area

The first stages of SVF harvesting, and liposuction procedures are done differently in Banobagi. When extracting fat for SVF treatment, heat should not be used because the temperature can inhibit SVF development. With the know-how of an experienced liposuction specialist, Banobagi effectively extracts fat, and makes a smooth silhouette to avoid bumps on the surface of the area where fat is extracted.

* Side effect type:
uneven skin surface after treatment, bleeding, seroma, sensory abnormality, skin necrosis

Preventing cell contamination and degeneration

One - stop Aseptic Facility.
  • Air Shower
    Air Shower
  • Aseptic surgery
    Aseptic surgery
  • Aseptic research facility
    Aseptic research facility
  • Aseptic QC lab
    Aseptic QC lab

Banobagi is detailed

A sterile room for safer and more successful treatment

Human cells respond very sensitively to the external environment. Cells are vulnerable to contamination from foreign germs, minute pollution, bacteria, and organisms. Thus, Banobagi uses a sterile room system for one complete process from cell separation and isolation to cell processing. A safe treatment with little damage or deterioration of cells, is possible in Banobagi.

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BANOBAGI's Detailed SVF Team

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