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A convenient nonsurgical lifting

BANOBAGI Antiaging Treatment: Ulthera

Firm elasticity that tightens from the inside

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Loose myofascia, the root cause of facial wrinkles and drooping, must be tightened

Facial wrinkles and drooping begin in the myofascia: the innermost layer of the skin. When the myofascia loses its elasticity and becomes lumpy, the fat layer, the dermis, and the epidermis follow suit: in the form of wrinkles and drooping.

Ulthera is a lifting treatment that sends high-temperature ultrasonic waves deep into the myofascial layer and improves the myofascia itself.

Ulthera can fundamentally reduce wrinkling and drooping by tightening the loose-and-lumpy myofascia. At the same time, it cleans up the fat layer and facilitates collagen generation: this results in a firm lifting that lasts for over a year. Because the treatment requires no insertion of artificial material, it can be used for almost all facial areas, and it is even effective in tricky cases (e.g., double chin, droopy cheeks, etc.).

Improving the myofascial layer: the root cause of wrinkles and drooping Improving the myofascial layer: the root cause of wrinkles and drooping
  • 01 Lifting effects in almost all facial areas
  • 02 Smoother skin through an improved fat layer
  • 03 Firmness that lasts over a year
  • 04 Continuous collagen remodeling

Original equipment that allows firsthand examination and precise improvement

Other nonsurgical lifting equipment has existed for some time.
However, they were unable to reach the deep myofascial layer, or even if they could, they did not allow for high-precision treatments.

Ulthera’s real-time ultrasound imaging technology improved upon this shortcoming: it allows the surgeon to monitor the patient’s skin conditions real-time and determine the thickness of the skin layer that differs between individuals.

Ulthera can customize its treatment depth (e.g., 1.5 mm, 3.0 mm, 4.5 mm, etc.) based on the depth of myofascial layer and each of the other skin layers: this makes the treatment more precise and effective.

More Precise Treatment with DeepSee™
Real-time monitoring of individual skin conditions and thickness
More precise treatment customized to the skin layer

Nonsurgical treatment: almost no side effects and more convenient

The greatest advantage of Ulthera is that it has no surgical risks, such as scarring or bleeding. The entire facial area can be treated within 30 min after either topical or intravenous anesthesia, and there is no interruption on the patients’ daily routine, as they can wash their faces or put on makeup on the same day after the procedure.

Ulthera delivers the ultrasonic energy into the desired depth in a conical shape: just like focusing sunlight with a magnifier.

The treatment does almost no damage to the epidermis or the dermis: it is a safe treatment with virtually no risk of side effects. Ulthera is safe equipment that has been US FDA-approved.

Relatively convenient and safe at the same time: BANOBAGI Ulthera
  • Nonsurgical treatment with no risk of scarring or bleeding

    Nonsurgical treatment with no risk of scarring or bleeding

  • Eliminates side effects by preventing unnecessary tissue damage

    Eliminates side effects by preventing unnecessary tissue damage

  • Can resume routine on the day of treatment

    Can resume routine on the day of treatment

  • Treatment complete in 30 min

    Treatment complete in 30 min

BANOBAGI guarantees the use of authentic equipment and aims to produce satisfying results

Ulthera is a relatively expensive treatment, compared to others. This is not only because it is high-end equipment that features various technology but also because some of the parts used during the treatment are not reusable and must be replaced after every treatment: this puts financial burdens on the clinic as well. Given this added expense, there are other clinics that attempt to lower the treatment costs and attract more patients by using off-brand parts. But will the patients be satisfied with the off-brand treatment?

BANOBAGI’s foremost concern is your satisfaction: we choose to only use authentic parts and elevate the quality of our treatment, instead of lowering our prices through undesirable means, to give you the satisfaction worthy of the cost.

You may always examine our equipment for the mark of authenticity, and we can provide you with a certificate of authenticity for the replaceable parts used for your treatment, allowing you to determine the authenticity yourself. Our Antiaging Specialist Team offers a more satisfying lifting, through our years of experience and authentic high-end equipment Ulthera.

BANOBAGI Antiaging Specialist Team
BANOBAGI Antiaging Specialist Team with vast experience and anatomical understanding
BANOBAGI Guarantee of Authentic Ulthera Equipment
  • 1. Certificate of authenticity for each part used in every treatment
    1. Certificate of authenticity for each part used in every treatment
  • 2. Affixed mark of authenticity on the equipment
    2. Affixed mark of authenticity on the equipment

Surgery Information

  • Operation Time

    About 30 min.

  • Anesthesia

    Topical or Sedation

  • Follow-up


  • Recovery

    Quick return to daily activity is possible

Post-op Pain Level
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  6. square
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  8. square
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  10. square

If the patient is sensitive to or afraid of pain, he or she can use intravenous anesthesia.
Patients may experience mild numbness but will recover quickly.
Mild redness may remain, depending on the patient, but will diminish after a day.

* Consensus based on the actual patients’ response to questionnaire.

* Not a strict standard, and patients’ experiences may differ.

Better results may be achieved when combined with other procedures

  • Facial Contouring

    Facial contouring improves the facial structure, and Ultherapy adjusts the skin to the new understructure by adding elasticity

    Read facial contouring
  • Antiaging Surgery

    Ultherapy can be used at the same time with other antiaging treatments (e.g., thread lifting, filler, etc.) to produce better and longer-lasting results.

    Read antiaging surgery

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3 Months After
3 Months After
4 Months After
4 Months After
3 Months After

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